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  • Aarib Shaikh

    Aarib Shaikh, Pune, Bachelors in Computer Science

    Admits From: Southeast Missouri State University, Northwest Missouri State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Winona State University, USA.

  • Animesh Jain, Delhi, BA Political science (Honours )

    Admits From: Sciences Po, Australian National University, University of Sydney , Australia.

  • Akanksha Agarwal

    Akanksha Agarwal, Delhi, Master of Science in Biotechnology

    Admits From: John Hopkins University, Texas A&M University, Suny buffalo, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

  • Nikita Bangera

    Nikita Bangera, Mumbai, Bachelors in Psychology

    Admits From: University of Pacific, University of Illinois Chicago, California State University East Bay, Florida.

  • Richa Kewalramani

    Richa Kewalramani, Pune, MS in Business Analytics/Health Informatics

    Admits From: UMass Amherst, Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University, University of Texas Dallas, Northeastern University.

  • Tanvi Pathak

    Tanvi Pathak, Gurgaon, Economics

    Admits From: Brock University, University of Montreal..

  • Alan Jose

    Alan Jose, Delhi, Mechanical Engineering

    Admits From: University of Illinois (Chicago), University of Waterloo - Bachelor in Physics..

  • Gauri Mulik

    Gauri Mulik, Pune, MS in Electrical Engineering

    Admits From: University of South Florida, IIT- Chicago, University of Texas, Arlington..

  • Sangram Patil

    Sangram Patil, Pune, MS in Construction Management

    Admits From: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago- Scholarship of $10,000 per year, USA.

  • Rohan Suresh

    Rohan Suresh, Pune, Bachelors in Computer Science

    Admits From: University of Illinois Chicago, Arizona State University, University of Pacific, California State University East Bay, California State University (Fresno), Florida International Uniersity, Adelphi University, University of Nebraska Lincoln..

  • Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora, Gurgaon, Computer Science

    Admits From: University of Maryland (College Park), University of Massachusetts Amherst- 12k$ Scholarship per year, Stony Brook, University of California Irvine.

  • Rohan Ahuja

    Rohan Ahuja, Pune, PG Diploma

    Admits From: University of California, (Berkely)..

  • Saksham Aggrawal

    Saksham Aggrawal, Deoband, Commerce

    Admits From: San Diego State University, Carleton University, York University, National College Ireland, University of Illinois (Chicago)..

  • Vidushi Dugar

    Vidushi Dugar, USA, Business Administration

    Admits From: Indiana University Bloomington, University of Texas- Austin, University of Texas (Austin), University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Miami..

  • Sanchit Sethi

    Sanchit Sethi, Delhi, ElectricaL Engineering

    Admits From: University of Illinois (Chicago), Auburn University with $10000 scholarship..

  • Varun Pathak

    Varun Pathak, Gurgaon, Mathematics

    Admits From: University of Arizona- $20k scholarship per year, Suny Stony Brook, University of Massachusetts Amherst- 12k$ Scholarship, Drexel University - $38K Scholarships per year..

  • Akshay Gulhane, Pune, MS in Mechanical Engineering

    Admits From: University of South Florida, University of Texas, Arlington, University of Illinois Chicago, IIT - Chicago..

  • Rhythm Kedia

    Rhythm Kedia, Delhi, Marketing

    Admits From: Purdue University, ESMT..

  • Parth Sarathi Verma

    Parth Sarathi Verma, Delhi, Computer Science

    Admits From: University of Minnesota Twin Cities- 10K scholarship per year, Universityof Washington (Seattle)..

  • Robin Barala

    Robin Barala, Muradabad, Commerce

    Admits From: Mc Master University, York University, San Diego State University..

  • Raghav Duggal

    Raghav Duggal, Gurgaon, Economics

    Admits From: University of Toronto, UBC - Social Studies, University of York - Business & Society..

  • Akshat Goel

    Akshat Goel, Delhi, Computer Science

    Admits From: Iowa State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln $12000 Scholarship..

  • Aanchal Chaudhary

    Aanchal Chaudhary, Ghaziabad, Computer engineering

    Admits From: Virginia Tech, SUNY Buffalo..

  • Shiveeka Aggarwal

    Shiveeka Aggarwal, Delhi, Business Administration

    Admits From: Purdue University, Indiana University, Rutgers University, Temple University, University of Massachusetts-Amher with scholarship..

  • Siddharth Khandelwal

    Siddharth Khandelwal, Delhi, Business Administration

    Admits From: Purdue University, Indiana University..

  • Mandar Deo

    Mandar Deo, Pune, MS in Industrial Engineering

    Admits From: SUNY Buffalo, University of Illinois Chicago, SUNY Binghamton, Florida State University, Western Michigan University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Texas (Arlington).

  • Aadit Ranjan, Delhi, Computer Science

    Admits From: Rutgers Institute of Technology- 10k scholarship per year, Rutgers Institute of Technology- 10k scholarship per year.

  • Aditi Mittal

    Aditi Mittal, Delhi, Business Administration

    Admits From: University of Virginia., ..

  • Cyril Dmello

    Cyril Dmello, Mumbai, PG Diploma

    Admits From: University of South Carolina, University of California Berkely, Ashland University, University of Bridgeport, USA.

  • Manali Gadre

    Manali Gadre, Pune, MS in Management Information System

    Admits From: University of Redlands, Auburn University.

  • Nikhil More

    Nikhil More, Pune, MS in Electrical Engineering

    Admits From: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Wayne State University..

  • Shreyes Dugar, New Delhi, Business Administration

    Admits From: Indiana University, Purdue university, Boston University, Babson College, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, The University of British Columbia, Toronto university, USA.

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Scholarship Facilitation Services (SFS) a pioneer in the field of education with rich experience in student placement and building a bridge which links international students to institutions all over the world. Started in 2012, we have successfully placed nearly 5000 students in top universities/institutions in the US as well as other parts of the world. We have an immensely strong network with our offices located all over India including Delhi, Gurgaon, and Pune. The head office is located in Nehru Place, New Delhi. We consider ourselves to be a one-stop destination for someone seeking overseas education. We offer complete visa assistance, admission at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and tutorial services for SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, PTE and so on.

Our team comprises of highly knowledgeable advisors/counselors come with a cumulative work experience of 40+ years and our coaching faulty has a total work experience of 15+ years. This work experience has given them the opportunity to cater to the needs of different kind of students and also to make sure that they resolve each and every query of the student. Together as a team, we have known to provide our counseling services to over 7000+ students and the cumulative counseling hours provided is over 150,000+ hours. Our 96% visa success rate is one of the feathers in our cap...

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  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • University Of Cambridge
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • The Londan School of Economics & Political Science
  • Northwestern University
  • Dartmouth
  • Berleley University
  • University Of Oxford
  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • The University Of Chicago
  • Brown
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Penn University

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Social Connect

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  • Dr Vashistha

    Dr Vashistha

    Murray State University

    New Delhi

    May God bless SFS for being the true example of an education company that is extremely committed to its students and their families. We had an outstanding experience when we enrolled our daughter with SFS. Not only did they help us save money, but also gave us so much confidence that our child will be safe, secure and would not face any problems. SFS is available 24 hours on call which was surprising, and even today we just bother them if we are stuck in any decision that we have to take for our daughter’s education. Their response is still same, immediate and quick. We have never heard of nor witnessed such a committed organization. Every word, every minute detail SFS shared was 100% correct. We are always willing to tell other parents also to consult SFS as their child’s future would be in safe hands with SFS.

  • Lt. Col. Pant

    Lt. Col. Pant

    Murray State University

    New Delhi

    In simple words, it is difficult for people like us in the armed forces to send our children for undergraduate studies abroad; especially to countries like the USA as it quite expensive. Within my limited budget, we had no option for Anmol. We had secured various admissions; but, the cost was beyond imagination. SFS not only did a fantastic job but made everything easy for my family by offering huge scholarship award. They also ensured a smooth process of visa, enrolment, pre-departure and continued their support throughout. I am really pleased with SFS’s professionalism.

  • Mona Batra

    Mona Batra

    California State University

    New Delhi

    SFS has not only helped in securing admission and scholarship; but, for the last one year, they have been guiding my son in every aspect of his undergraduate degree. They also assisted us to take a transfer when my son wanted to move to another university in California. What I have realized is that they perform what they commit, which is difficult to find these days. They have been in constant touch with my son and helped him at various important stages of his student life at the University. Their cooperation does not end when a student reaches the University. We really appreciate the consistent helpfulness and services offered by SFS.

  • Mr. Tomar

    Mr. Tomar

    California State University

    New Delhi

    My daughter took SAT coaching and we met quite a few consulting companies but all of them persuaded us to apply either to UK or Australia. After some research, I realized that the future prospects in these countries are weak and hence, I was not keen. People used to give us the impression that it is difficult to get into a good university in the USA as there are a lot of formalities and the process is tiresome. However, SFS was the opposite as they told us that the process is simple as long as we know what to do. Now both our daughters Himanshee and Kanchan are studying in the US and we trusted only SFS for both our kids. We do not think there is any other organization which is so dedicated to each and every student to this extent. Keep up the good work SFS!