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SAT 2019: Tips and Tricks

ByAkanksha Singh - Faculty - Maths
SAT 2019: Tips and Tricks
May 30, 2019

SAT 2019: Tips and Tricks

There are certain strategies that aspirants can follow to see a considerable amount of score improvement in their SAT. Taking full-length tests multiple times is one of the major steps. It will give the right feeler of the SAT test and help them in effective time management before appearing for the actual test.

SAT 2019 Tip 1: Decide your own order

SAT math has a rough order of difficulty. That is, the questions are arranged according to the difficulty level. Students should make the most of it. They need not do the SAT questions in the same order as they are given. Since students can go back and forth within the section, there is a ‘Two Pass System’ that they must follow.


It is a method that students can use to manage their time efficiently and strategically. It ensures that students give sufficient time to each question and they do not run out of time. On the first pass, they should do all the questions that are easier for them or are less time-consuming. They should leave all those questions that are taking too long or they are hopeless about.

During the second pass, go back to the beginning of the section and do all those questions that they had left in the first place.

SAT 2019 Tip 2: Process of Elimination (POE)

The SAT test is all about POE as you go. Students will see that in many SAT questions, they read it and they are able to eliminate a few of the answer choices.

With the guessing penalty eliminated for the SAT test, students should guess on any question they cannot answer because they won’t be penalized for wrong guesses. However, that does not mean that guessing randomly is a good idea. Students should always use POE as much as they are able to increase the chances of getting your questions right.

SAT 2019 Tip 3: Guessing

On the SAT test, students earn points for the questions they get right. There is no negative marking or any kind of penalty this time. So, there is no harm in attempting all questions. For the SAT questions, students are hopeless about, even if they have an approximate answer in your head, they should just mark!


SAT 2019 Tip 4: Review every Mock test

It is very important to take as many mock tests as possible before the actual SAT test. And reviewing each test is equally important. Analyzing mistakes and identifying error pattern always help in score improvement. Five things to keep in mind while reviewing:

  1. Complete the sections completed in time
  2. Be careful of conceptual error or a silly mistake
  3. Improve accuracy and speed
  4. Use of pencil to mark relevant points in the question
  5. Compare performance with the previous mocks

SAT 2019 Tip 5: Prepare your Study Schedule

An effective study schedule should be prepared to score well in the SAT test. Generally, students devote one year for SAT preparation but in fact, the reality is hundreds of students get a decent score with less than two months of preparation. Hence, based on available study hours one should draft the study timetable.

SAT 2019 Tip 6: Pace yourself

It can be hard to get through each section in the limited time that students have, much less get the right answers and double check everything! Skip questions that are going to take longer and come back to them if one has time. Students should not spend more than 1.5 minutes on any question on their first pass through.

SAT 2019 Tip 7: Use extra time wisely

If students find themselves with extra time at the end of a section, they should make good use of it. It is not fun to re-read all of those SAT questions, but they will be glad if they catch any mistakes. The same goes for the answer grid - they should make sure their answer choices are in the right bubbles.

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