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Top Universities for Undergraduate Business Programs in USA

ByPriyanka Baruah - Study Abroad Expert
Top Universities for Undergraduate Business Programs in USA
May 31, 2019

Business has emerged to be one of the most sought out courses for undergraduate studies. The reason behind the increase in the applications for business programs in universities; especially in USA is because as per the recent prediction of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growth rate in the following sectors by 2020:

  • Financial Analyst positions (23%)
  • Human Resource specialists (21%)
  • Accountants and Auditors (16%)

This rise has attracted a number of students towards the program.

Pursuing Business Major

A student who has a strong inclination towards management, administration or maybe finance should surely consider pursuing his undergraduate degree in Business. Another reason why business is among the most popular courses in Top Universities in USA is because of its practical applicability in real life scenarios. Moreover, if one is looking for a professional degree and wishes to gain work experience immediately after completing his undergraduate degree, the Business is the best choice for him. Moreover, a business degree is an amalgamation of various skills. A person with a business degree especially from a top university in US has equipped himself with great interpersonal skills along with the usage of math for practical applications. The skills acquired during this period enable an individual to work in a top company or be a successful Entrepreneur.

Below is a list of the Top15 Universities for Undergraduate Business Programs in USA for the year 2019.

List of Top Universities for Undergraduate Business Programs in USA


University Name

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Enrollment


University of Pennsylvania




Massachusetts Institute of Technology




University of California--Berkeley




University of Michigan--Ann Arbor




New York University




Carnegie Mellon University




University of Texas--Austin




University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill




University of Virginia




Cornell University




Indiana University--Bloomington




University of Notre Dame




University of Southern California




Arizona State University--Tempe




Boston College



Source: US News

Return on Investment after completing a Business degree

The average salary of a graduate in Business is nearly $55,000 annually. However, a basic classification of salaries at an entry-level for a graduate is about:

  • Financial Analyst: $57,104
  • Accountant: $49,450
  • Human Resources Manager: $63,324
  • Office Manager: $46,112

Moreover, if a person does not wish to work under someone he or she has the option of becoming an Entrepreneur. They can start their own company and be their own boss. This is because a business degree prepares one to face the market and also polishes an individual with the skills required as per the current industry trends.

Application Process to get into Top Universities for Undergraduate Business Programs in USA

Undergraduate aspirants, who are eager to apply in USA, should prepare themselves for applications at least one year prior to applying. This includes shortlisting universities as per the requirements (ranking, location, budget etc.). Different schools have different guidelines for application submission. Once the universities are finalized and the application period starts the students are required to submit their secondary school report that is the 9th, 10th, 11th mark sheets and 12th  transcript (in case if the student is yet to appear for 12th board exams) or mark sheet (if cleared 12th already). Along with this, the student needs to share their letter of recommendations, essays (if any), resume and financial support letter. Also, the students have to submit their test scores SAT/ACT, IELTS/TOEFL etc. Some universities also organize interviews in order to judge the students’ abilities. Documents required for the application process are:

  1. Scores and Transcripts
  2. Test scores: SAT/ACT
  3. English Proficiency report: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE
  4. Letter of Financial Support
  5. Essays: Common App or individual essays
  6. Resume
  7. Letter of recommendations


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