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Dream School Application

Dream School Application

This is the most dedicated service program which is offered to when students look forward to applying for admission in their most preferred or dream school. It can be an Engineering College, Business School, Liberal Arts University or a top college ranked by US News, QS or The Financial Times.

Our dedicated team of professionals does comprehensive profile evaluation which includes defining your long-term goals and advises you on suitable course and countries to choose from. We follow these steps to make sure you get an acceptance from your dream university.

  • Profile Building: Based on the student’s desired course, we help the student in enhancing his/her profile which increases the chances of admission. We suggest different mediums like extracurricular activities or community services to add value to the student’s profile.
  • Shortlisting: We understand that shortlisting universities are a tedious task. Depending on various factors, we give you a shortlist of universities which are 100% customized and personalized for each student
  • Editing Services: At SFS, we offer you services right from brainstorming sessions with the editor to the unlimited exchange of drafts for each university. Also, we promise on-time delivery of drafts.
  • Application Guidance: Filling applications for different universities is a complex task. To make it easier, we assist you in filling your application, reviewing it and provide unlimited documentation support
  • Interview Preparation: At times the university asks the students to appear for an interview- usually online. We prepare the student for such cases by offering proper assistance and guidance to crack the interview.
  • Visa Assistance: The final and the most critical stage of your reaching the University of your choice is clearing the Visa interview. We assist the student by providing visa counseling, visa file preparation and organizing unlimited mock interviews.
  • Post Landing Services and Support: Our responsibility and support are not restricted till you leave. We guide you in getting the perfect accommodation, arranging pick-up services from the airport after you land and also, helping you in getting a part-time job

We have delivered exceptional performance in this segment by having successful applications in prestigious and elite Universities in Asia to the US and Europe. This list includes MIT, Harvard, UCLA, London Business School, Stanford, Cornell, National State University Singapore, Yale, Purdue, Princeton, SUNY, ISB, Berkley, CSU, NYU, Cambridge, ASU, Georgia Tech, HEC, NYIT and much more.

Wondering when is the best time to enroll for this program? You can enroll with us anytime; from 9th grade onwards to after appearing 12th grade examinations. Any time is the best time.

  • Immaculate profiling
  • Customized and personalized application process
  • Best of the editing services provided by professionals
  • Admissions counseling expertise
  • Professional applications to world renowned universities