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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a 3 hour and 45 minutes, multiple-choice, multi-stage test required by most graduate schools. The GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and oversees GRE tests, services and research and establishes all policies for the GRE Program.

Schools differ in how they use your GRE score. Some consider it very important, while others view it as a formality. We recommend asking your prospective programs — most will be quite willing to tell you what part the test plays in their admissions decisions.


  • Known for providing quality test preparation programs for some of the most common standardized tests globally. Assisted several hundred students every year to successfully achieve their desired test scores.
  • Trained, qualified and professional faculty with more than 12 years of experience, from some of the most elite organizations and who are subject to a regular and thorough evaluation process to guarantee that their subject expertise and teaching practices continue to be among the best in the industry.
  • Extensive knowledge of university entry requirements and admission processes worldwide with a vast network of partner institutions across the globe where hundreds of students have been placed annually.
  • An adjustable and suitable schedule that suit students' requirements with small batch sizes that allows personalized attention to assure that every individual establishes realistic goals for score improvement, understand the key test concepts and is given comprehensive guidance on effective test-taking strategies.

Additional Benefits

Students registering for GRE test preparation with SFS will benefit from the ability to:

  • Monitor progress through personalized evaluation sessions after class hours
  • Improve test scores through extra tutoring and result orientated strategies
  • Enhance aptitude levels through customized question pools and imperative quiz tools
  • Revise from question banks that mirror the test exam

Our Coaching methods:

Strong Content:

SFS uses the most consistent and frequently tested content encouraging its students to fully familiarize themselves with the GRE and to organize their time in an effective and productive manner to accomplish the best scores.

Evaluative Thinking Strategies:

Comprehending that standardized tests rely on more than just the content, SFS invariably updates and customizes its study and reference material, along with practice test papers, to guarantee that it is addressing students' distinct areas of concern. A personalized report which recognizes areas of weaknesses and strengths is created to help the student distinguish his or her testing patterns and work in a focused manner. Also, all answer explanations are detailed and provide alternative approaches to answer a question. SFS result-oriented strategies enable students to increase both speed and efficiency.


SFS’s compilation of practice tests, other than essential content and timed drills, follow the same structure of the actual GRE. The pragmatic practice and comprehensive training, as well as test day tips and exam strategies administered by expert instructors, enhance students' confidence in preparation for the actual test.


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Average Score Improvement