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Guaranteed Admission Program

Guaranteed Admission Program

This is the best option for the student when the student needs a guarantee of admission either for a particular course or any particular destination or both. Under this program, a student enrolled with SFS will be receiving at least one admission from his desired destination for the desired course. Each and every student has certain preferences. This might be location or course related. At SFS, we assist the student in finalizing his list of universities and on that list we include certain universities keeping in mind the student’s desire or preference. Wondering how this is possible? The trust and confidence enjoyed by SFS with certain universities enable a smooth admission process for the applicants. Moreover, we assure a quick turnaround time from admission to the visa process.

A step-by-step glimpse of the process:

  • Enroll into the program
  • Documents submission by students
  • Assessment by counseling team for shortlisting of universities
  • Application process
  • Generate admission acceptance and visa letter
  • Visa counseling
  • Booking of housing and airport pickup etc.

Key features:

  • Assistance provided to the student to get guaranteed admissions globally
  • SFS makes sure that if a student is enrolled in this program he/she gets at least one admission offer from the desired destination for the desired course
  • The trust and confidence enjoyed by SFS with these universities enable smooth admission process for the applicants
  • Application fees and courier charges are complimentary
  • Complete visa guidance
  • Pre-departure and post-landing counseling